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Sigh of relief: Tyler Seguin confirms that he’s single


I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying that there are plenty of hockey fans who call Boston Bruins center Tyler Seguin a “stud” for more than leading-the-team-in-scoring reasons.* Seguin’s off the ice, um, admirers, might be happy to hear that he’s single.

No really, he said so right on Twitter.



He also has plenty of time on his hands with the Bruins booted out of the playoffs, by the way.

So interested parties (don’t want to just say “ladies” ... we’re in progressive times), I must ask: where does Seguin rank among the NHL’s most eligible bachelors? Feel free to share your superficial hockey player power rankings, just keep it PG.

* -That’s my long way of saying he’s a strapping fella.