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Today’s depressing note: Maple Leaf Gardens now a gourmet grocery store

Maple Leaf Gardens

If you’re a hockey buff with a love for the past, today’s a day that will make you more than a bit sad. Maple Leaf Gardens, the classic old building that was once home to the Toronto Maple Leafs, has been remade and turned into something a bit more modern.

A gourmet grocery store.

What once used to be the home of Johnny Bower and Maple Leaf Stanley Cup winning teams in the 40s, 50s, and 60s is now instead a Loblaw’s grocery store. It’s not a reference to “Arrested Development” otherwise it’d be genius. Instead of reliving the memories of days gone by and soaking in the hockey history, foodies will get their fill of funky cheeses and other assorted goodies.

Sadly, re-purposing classic old hockey haunts like this is nothing new. Just look at the Montreal Forum which is now a shopping mall with a movie theater. It beats having these relics to hockey being torn down, but man does it hurt to see it become something else entirely.

Instead of being sad, however, we’ll just pour out a bottle of high end wine for the old Maple Leaf Gardens out of respect.