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Here’s the latest controversial hit from Capitals’ Tom Wilson

If you’ve been around Hockey Twitter (or any other NHL-centric community) for long enough, you’ve probably debated a Tom Wilson hit. At this point, it’s possible you’ve debated Tom Wilson hits so frequently, you might be tired of it.

That goes for Tom Wilson haters, and his defenders. (Who, uh, may or may not mostly be Washington Capitals fans.)

Tom Wilson delivers his latest controversial hit, this time on Penguins’ Jankowski

During Thursday’s Penguins - Capitals game, Tom Wilson delivered his latest controversial hit. This time, the recipient was Mark Jankowski. Watch that hit in the video above and decide for yourself if it’s dirty or not.

Actually, maybe the debate’s really about whether it’s worth a suspension? Even a Capitals-centric blog like Russian Machine Never Breaks labeled Tom Wilson’s hit on Jankowski as “very big, and very late.”

That same post noted that it’s been a while since the NHL suspended Wilson. Of course, it’s fair to note if Wilson should have been suspended for any recent checks, but he avoided such decisions. We’ll see if he continues to evade league discipline with this one.

It’s worth noting that Wilson was only whistled for an interference minor during the game itself.

What’s not really up to much debate is if Wilson can be more than a hitter.

That same Thursday game featured a Wilson power-play goal that ended up being the game-winner. Wilson’s Capitals beat the Penguins 5-2, added insult to a possible injury.

James O’Brien is a writer for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Drop him a line at or follow him on Twitter @cyclelikesedins.