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Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus fined $665,000 for driving without a license

Germany Press Conference & Training

Germany Press Conference & Training

Bongarts/Getty Images

Ouch. That’s not the kind of bill you want to be getting the week before Christmas.

But Borussia Dortmund and Germany star Marco Reus has been one heck of a naughty boy, as German outlet Bild reports that the 25-year-old has been driving without a license... for three years!

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That’s right. The speedy attacker has reportedly been zipping around in his Aston Martin since 2011 and nobody has batted an eyelid. Well, that has all changed after the authorities realized he has not had a license since 2011, despite allegedly being issued at least five speeding tickets in that timeframe.

The eye-watering sum of over $665,000 is the largest motoring fine of its kind in the history of Germany. According to Bild, this is what Reus had to say about the incident.

“I decided back then to take that road but the reasons I did it are something I cannot really understand today... Today I know that I was too naive and that it was stupid. I have learned my lesson and this will not happen again.”

Unless you want to blow another $665,000 Mr. Reus, you’re right... you probably shouldn’t do this again.

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