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Aaron Harrison: ‘We all, all of our lives, have just been worrying about ourselves.’

Aaron Harrison

All season, Kentucky has appeared a step away from taking a leap to the next step in their ascension as a very young team. The Wildcats have nearly beaten Michigan State, North Carolina and Florida despite subpar efforts for long periods of time or bad games from key players.

But if the young and talented core of Kentucky ever figures things out, it could be nasty.

Has the selfishness of the group cost them to this point though? Freshman shooting guard Aaron Harrison made an interesting remark to Kentucky Courier Journal‘s Kyle Tucker:

“I think that’s the biggest question for all of us. We all, all of our lives, have just been worrying about ourselves. When you put that group of people all together, it’s really hard. Coach said it’s impossible, really,” Harrison said to Kentucky Courier-Journal. “So, I mean, we’re just trying to do the impossible and see where it goes. We’re really getting better at it.”

Harrison has to brush off a mediocre effort against Florida in which he went 1-for-7 for three points. It seems like all season if one Kentucky freshman plays well, then someone else plays poorly and so-on.

It’s troubling that Harrison would be ready to admit this, but probably a good thing if the young Wildcats want to move on from it. If they all buy in for this next month, it will benefit all of them greatly.

If Kentucky’s freshmen can share the ball and take good shots and get some impact contributions from the sophomores, they’ll be in good shape for the postseason.

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