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Larry Drew calls out North Carolina in a freestyle rap


Ok, before I even get into the absurdity of this, click here to go watch the video.

That, folks, is Larry Drew, the former North Carolina point guard that quit the team after Kendall Marshall was given the starting role. Ignoring the fact that Drew II is rapping on a stage at what is apparently his 21st birthday party (who does that?), his “disses” end up proving why he was never able to fully catch on at Carolina.

Here’s a snippet (courtesy of these guys) of what he had to say about the Tar Heels:

Everything that I’m hearing is untrue. The media? They talking but they never confront you.

I mean the last three years I can’t undo, but now I’m making all the moves I want to.

Pick & rolls, I’m crossing [expletive]. Just felt like I got more game than my height showed.

They tried to tell me just to play my role, but who’s really trying to stick to a script that’s filled with typos?

Like a horror flick, they made me out to be a monster. [expletive] [expletive], I should have won an Oscar.

It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sing, right? I brought the whole opera.

It’s like Biggie, ‘who shot ya?’ But who who shot them? I’m so not them, but in the end I think that’s what really shocked them.

I refuse to be another robot, slim.

1. Does Drew realize that he was the typo for the Heels? UNC went from a team that was in danger of going to their second straight NIT with Drew at the point to the ACC champion and a potential No. 1 seed. With Drew, they were a First Four contender. Without Drew, they are a Final Four contender. Who is the typo?

2. Drew does realize that, if he wants his basketball career to continue, he is going to need to find another college to transfer to, doesn’t he? What college coach is going to bring this kid in? Calling out former teammates and coaches is bad, but being completely oblivious to your faults as a player is a bigger issue. Will anything change at his new school?

3. Can someone please give this kid some guidance? He has essentially 18 months until he can play basketball again.

4. He should learn from Kendall Marshall. Not just how to play, but how to act. When made aware of the video, Marshall’s reaction was simply “cute”.