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How and when to watch Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold Game exclusively on Peacock on Saturday

Former Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph joins Connor Rogers to talk about what makes new Irish quarterback Sam Hartman so effective through the air and on the ground.

Sometimes leaning into the bit is the best option. When recognizing nearly every FBS team had a game on a streaming platform in 2022, it must be understood that this will continue to be the trend. Notre Dame and NBC have yet to announce what home game will be on Peacock this fall, but it is a safe assumption one will be.

That is not some internal reporting; it is simply logic, logic reinforced by remembering tomorrow’s Blue-Gold Game will be available exclusively on Peacock.

The last time the Irish played on Peacock, this space touted a 2013 comedy, “It’s A Disaster,” available on NBC’s streaming platform. Worry not, it is still on Peacock. Summarizing without spoiling Todd Berger’s delightful black comedy created some of the best writing on this space last season.

All due respect to the Notre Dame band and the decades of tradition of playing the “1812 Overture” before the fourth quarter at home games, but there has never been as rewarding a use of Tchaikovsky’s best-known work as the opening moments of “It’s A Disaster.”

There is a risk here, invoking a movie named “It’s A Disaster” to lead off a column on Notre Dame in the midst of a 3-3 season, but skip over those all-too obvious hollerings. Instead, delight in the wonderfully-written comedy starring Julia Stiles, David Cross and America Ferrera being available on Peacock.

If a sitcom fan insists “Frasier” never wasted a line, then “It’s A Disaster” does not waste so much as a word. The script is crafted more tightly than Adrian Monk’s nerves would be if conversing with Sam Malone after a date night, but for one flaw, the one repeated college football reference.

Right there, four references to top-tier laughs, all available on Peacock. The corporate overlords would never place such thoughts into a press release, probably in part because they have not watched “It’s A Disaster.” If they had, it would be touted more prominently on the Peacock platform.

Instead, its home page reveals — wait, “Cocaine Bear” is on Peacock? Okay, this space will resume writing in exactly one hour and 35 minutes. The first three “John Wick” installments are all on Peacock. A 10-year-old nephew apparently wants to see “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.” Good thing his parents have a certain Peacock login.

Hopefully, the corporate overlords skim over that sentence.

Gripe if you insist. Many fans still will. They are pushing back against a billion-dollar rock rolling down a greased hill. It’s 2023, plenty of college football games are not on linear TV anymore, let alone intrasquad exhibitions.

Notre Dame’s spring practice finale will be available exclusively on Peacock tomorrow at 2 ET.

If nothing else, leaning into this bit to remind you of modern realities reminded yours truly that the single best baseball movie, “For Love of the Game,” is also on Peacock. Go ahead, claim “Field of Dreams” deserves that honor and reveal you do not have the heart needed to be a Notre Dame fan. “Field of Dreams” fans like things easy, ending with a nice little bow. “For Love of the Game” defenders know the romance of sports comes from the struggle in the climb to glory and in the understanding that good things come to an end.

Last October, leaning into this bit led to a rare brush with fame on the miserable space of Twitter, gleaning some knowledge about a tightly-written script in doing so.

Sometimes leaning into the bit is the best option.

The Irish will continue to lean into the bit of a quarterback competition all summer long, no matter how Tyler Buchner performs on the Blue team on Saturday or Sam Hartman shines on the Gold team. But by the next time Notre Dame is on Peacock, that should be at least resolved. This bit of mostly-genuine shock at the inventory on Peacock will not be done with then. No, it will probably spend some time discussing “Poker Face” or drawing parallels between the Irish 2012 and the movie “2012” or, oh look, the “Fifty Shades” trilo—don’t get fired, don’t get fired, don’t get fired.

Signing up for Peacock is as easy as ever, all you have to do is click …


From there, log onto Peacock on your respective viewing device and you are off to the races. Come to think of races, some Kentucky Derby programming will probably be on Peacock next month.

If you feel like procrastinating, wait to do this until 1:45 p.m. ET on Saturday. If you are proactive, do it during today’s lunch hour. If you are a fan of “The Office,” you probably already have Peacock streaming in the background.

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