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South Bend billboard takes $2,000 pot-shot at Weis

Do you have an extra two-grand lining your pockets and want to get off a cheap shot at the head football coach of Notre Dame?

Too bad, because somebody beat you to it.

A well-directed smart bomb was heaved toward coach Charlie Weis, and it’s created quite a controversy. A billboard placed strategically above the Linebacker Inn* had this to say to coach Weis:

“Best wishes to Charlie Weis in the 5th year of his college coaching internship. --Linebacker Alumni.”

Burkhart Advertising, the owner of the billboard wouldn’t divulge any information on the purchaser of the ad space, but a cursory look at their website reveals that it costs a little bit more than $2,000 for a four-week rental.

Now, the fine people of the Linebacker are doing their best back-pedal, trying to distance themselves from the lightning rod that has their name on it.

“Well, it’s just as much of a surprise to us as it was to everyone else,” Greg Delinski, GM of the ‘Backer told the South Bend Tribune.

Even Weis was asked to comment on the billboard during his pregame press conference earlier today. He brushed the sign off as well as you could expect.
“Everything was great until the last word. So tell them thanks a lot for wishing me best wishes. I heard about it. I haven’t seen it. We’ll just leave it at that. But it sounds pretty good. Just take that word out and we’re all set.”

Nothing like a little old-fashioned tom-foolery to get the football season started.

*I was confused with the whole “Linebacker Inn” talk. I was expecting a bed & breakfast or something, until I realized it was The ‘Backer.