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New breeds make National Dog Show debut in 2022

Laurie Hernandez and Matt Iseman commentate the final round of judging for National Dog Show Jr. as Claire the Scottish Deerhound takes Best in Show for the second year in a row.

The National Dog Show on Thanksgiving showcases America’s most popular breeds like the Golden Retriever, the Poodle and the Lab. But this year, the National Dog Show welcomed several new breeds to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

The Russian Toy, which competes in the Toy Group, is a breed that originates from the Russian aristocracy. They come in longhaired and smooth coats and are eager to please their human companion.

They were nearly wiped out by the Russian Revolution of 1907 but made a comeback after the death of Josef Stalin. They’re usually active and cheerful, happy to be running around or snuggling on your lap.

New breeds National Dog Show

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The Mudi (pronounced moo-dee), which falls under the Herding Group, was originally an all-purpose Hungarian farm dog. Around 1930, Dr. Deszö Fényesi, was one of the first breeders to separate this breed from the rest. A director of the museum in Balassagyarmat, Fényesi gave the Mudi its name and in 1936 it was officially a recognized dog breed.

Mudis have curly coats, that are medium in length. The breed is agile, intelligent and courageous, making it a perfect dog to work with stubborn livestock.

Westminster Holds Preview Of 146th Dog Show

The Mudi will make its National Dog Show debut in 2022 (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Getty Images

The Bracco Italiano, also known as the Italian Pointing Dog, joins the Sporting Group. The Bracco Italiano has been called the oldest European pointer, and its history traces back to the fourth or fifth century BC.

The Bracco Italiano was popular among the Italian aristocracy during the medieval period, but faced a sharp decline in the 12th century, by the 19th century, the breed was facing extinction as it had a number of health problems. Diligent breeding helped the Bracco Italiano recover, and today, the breed is known for its adaptability in hunting as well as its intelligence.

Crufts 2022 - Day Four

The Bracco Italiano, an addition to the Sporting Group, is set to debut at this year’s national dog show. (Photo by Katja Ogrin/Getty Images)

Getty Images

Watch NBC’s coverage of the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving day, November 24, directly after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from 12-2 p.m. local time on NBC, Peacock, and the NBC Sports app.