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An unnecessary rainout in Washington today

Sunny Skies

The Pirates and Nationals were supposed to play the second game of their two-game series this afternoon with a 1pm start. Except someone looked at the forecast, saw a chance for thunderstorms -- a good chance, to be fair -- and cancelled the game. Cancelled early, too, as the postponement came down before 10AM.

And, according to my correspondents, it was sunny in Washington -- or at least not raining -- until at least 20 minutes ago, which would have all but certainly allowed the Nats and Buccos to get the game in.

I supposed you catch hell either way: if you try to play and it rains someone gets on you for ignoring a foreboding forecast. If you cancel and it doesn’t, well, you have everyone wondering why you didn’t wait for the rain to actually starts.

Either way, I can’t blame the weatherman. My old man was one for 40 years, and that just wouldn’t be right.