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Wandy Rodriguez can’t lose

FSN-Houston’s Greg Lucas on Wandy Rodriguez’s upcoming arbitration with the Astros:

Rodriguez doesn’t lose no matter what the decision is. He made about $2.6 million in 2010. No wonder an awful lot of baseball owners rue the day they agreed to arbitration to settle contract disputes. The players always win. The owners offer raises-in Wandy’s case almost doubling his salary--but may have to pay even more if the arbitrator rules such.

The scoreboard may show the owners “winning” a decent percentage of the actual arbitrator’s decisions, but they still pay out more money than they had the year before.
Darn employees wanting raises! Why I, Greg Lucas, have made the same salary since the day I was hired to grease the Linotype machines with whale fat at the gone but not forgotten Houston Press-Picayune-Tattler back in Nineteen-dickety-six!