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Wanna buy Gene Tenace’s six World Series rings?

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.17.06 AM

Former A’s and Cardinals player and former Blue Jays coach Gene Tenace has six World Series rings (1972-74; 1982 and 1992-93), a 1972 World Series trophy and a 1972 World Series MVP plaque. He has a bunch more stuff too, thanks to spending all of that time in the bigs with some excellent teams. Now he’s auctioning it off.

He says he doesn’t need the money -- he has a player pension, a coaching pension and a minor league coaching pension and his house is paid for. He simply has too much stuff, he says, and wants to give the proceeds of the auction to his three children.

As the son of two people who dumped all of their crap in his basement before they took off in their R.V. last summer, I heartily endorse the “sell your crap and give your kids the money” approach Mr. Tenace is taking.