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Lucy Block honors husband Ken Block with Pikes Peak Hill Climb


Lucy Block announced she will enter the 2023 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 25 in Colorado Springs, Colorado in honor of her late husband Ken Block as a tribute following his untimely death in a snowmobiling accident in January.

The climb will be made in partnership with Sierra Cars and Hypercraft.


“My biggest accomplishments have always been being a mother to my kids and a strong, supportive wife,” Block said in a press release. “Being given the opportunity to drive to the summit for Ken at Pikes Peak is an honor. He gave so much to the action sports community. Driving Pikes Peak International Hill Climb gives us a way to carry Ken’s spirit forward and do something he was excited to do himself. We are eager to be able to use this opportunity to create awareness around 43 Institute, and celebrate my husband’s love for motorsports and innovation.”

Lucy will compete in the Unlimited Class for the first time, piloting a Sierra Echo EV powered by a Hypercraft electric drive system.

Also driving this year will be Ken’s daughter Lia Block, 16, as she continues her career as a rally driver. Lia will drive the same pink Porsche 911 “Hoonipigasus” in which Ken hoped to set a record last year. His attempt was thwarted by engine failure. Lia’s pass up the mountain will be an untimed, exhibition run.

“We are so honored to take part in this year’s PPIHC with the Block family,” said Sierra Cars Founder Cole Powelson. “Shortly after Ken’s passing, I was speaking with Lucy and realized how important it was to her that she remains in motorsports with her family. Getting Lucy involved at Pikes Peak seemed like the place where we could make the most positive impact.

“Standing on the summit of Pikes Peak on race day is one of the greatest pleasures I’ve ever known. To be able to share that with Lucy and Lia is the thing I’m looking forward to most this year.”

Powelson is also a professional racecar driver who brought this skill to the development of the chassis.


The Sierra Echo EV features a single-seat chassis built from tubular steel. Its rally-inspired steering, suspension and braking makes it suitable for all conditions, from sand to ice and asphalt.

The Hypercraft drive produces 300 bhp (brake horsepower) and 368 foot pounds of peak torque at a maximum of 12,000 rpms. That is enough power to achieve 120 miles per hour. Additional specifications and information are available on their website.

“EVs are very well-suited for Pikes Peak, because they don’t suffer a loss in power due to altitude, like gas-powered vehicles,” Powelson said.

The Hill Climb will also serve as a fund-raising event for the Block family’s non-profit 43 Institute. A portion of proceeds from the sale of seven “Block Edition” cars will go toward this mission, with the goal of raising $43,000. The cars will be liveried the same as Lucy’s climb car and will be signed by members of the Block family.

The 43 Institute was created to offer paths of opportunity for the exceptionally driven who may lack the proper support system for growth and success, Individual donations can be made at