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Most unique Jeff Gordon souvenir ever: a Pop Tart for $10,000

jeff gordon pop-tart

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, something else comes along that just boggles the imagination.

A listing on eBay caught our attention – and even got our stomach a bit hungry (or was it queasy).

If you’re a Jeff Gordon fan looking for arguably the most unique souvenir, you need look no further – provided you have $10,000 burning a hole in your wallet.

A seller in Sudbury, Massachusetts that goes by the name “LoneWolfTreasures” is offering a Gordon Pop Tart – yep, just like you eat at breakfast – with a simulated Gordon autograph set in the frosting. Oh yeah, the Pop Tart was produced in 2009 and is listed as not being edible.

Click here to see the full ad, including the following excerpt from that same ad:

“I know the $10,000 buy it now is off the charts crazy but hey, I figure if someone paid $28,000.00 for the Virgin Mary likeness in a grilled cheese sandwich then I am absolutely convinced someone will buy this Pop-Tart for 10 grand! LOL LOL (Although IMO, I believe NASCAR is pretty much a religion and this Pop Tart is probably worth far more than $28 grand. Again, just my opinion!)”

But if you want to buy the Pop Tart and stick it in a cabinet, in addition to the $10k you’ll have to pay, there’s an additional $10 shipping fee. Geez, you think the seller could have thrown in shipping for free. Then again, the seller says he’s selling the snack to finance his child’s college education.

The seller offers a great description – albeit quite lengthy and with a lot of social commentary on others who’ve written about what he’s selling.

In the interest of brevity, here’s a bit more of the ad description:

“Up for auction is an INTACT, limited edition printed Pop-Tart featuring retired NASCAR Hendrick Motorsports driver #24 Jeff Gordon. My son was a huge Jeff Gordon fan when he about 7 to 8 years old. For the 2009 NASCAR season, Kellogg’s made limited edition printed Pop-Tarts featuring Jeff Gordon and three other drivers.

“The Pop-Tart is probably about 7 years old now and NOT EDIBLE (duh!) It is INTACT. I’ve kept it wrapped in bubble wrap and separate from my son’s collection of Jeff Gordon items.

“I admit I am a bit whacky (okay - a LOT whacky) for putting this Pop Tart up for auction for 10 grand but I am NOT in the league with those creepy nutter butters who snag half eaten celebrity food right off of dirty plates and post same on ebay via their smartphones (I hope they wash their hands first!) or those hard core fans who acquire (ewww) sweaty, gross, stinky BO smelling shirts, nasty shorts, rotting foot smell shoes, etc. worn by famous god only knows who and daintily wrap those items in pink and yellow tissue so as to capture their (yuck) “essence” in all their photographic splendor for ebay auctions!”

He also says, “This is a steal at 10 grand LOL LOL.”

But there’s some good that will come about if the Pop Tart sells, according to the ad: “If someone buys this Pop Tart (this auction or 10 auctions in the future), I will donate $500 to JG’s favorite charity. Game on!

“Jeff Gordon knows about this auction and that makes all the negative comments bearable (and laughable) because in the end, even if someone doesn’t buy the Pop Tart, we know Jeff Gordon will forever be a part of our home - in a strawberry pop tart sort of way.”

Hey, we don’t make this stuff up!

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