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adidas unveils 2015 NBA All-Star uniforms (PHOTOS)

adidas NBA All-Star 2015 West Jersey, Front Patch, Sq

NEW YORK -- adidas unveiled its designs for the 2015 NBA All-Star uniforms to media members at a showroom in Manhattan on Monday, and unlike the styles of the recent past, the subtlety of this year’s models is likely to resonate deeply with the game’s core fans.

Bold logos, intense color palettes and the introduction of sleeves were all interesting previous attempts at infusing some fresh blood into the uniforms worn for the midseason exhibition. But the decision to go with a softer and more muted palette will prove wiser in terms of its overall critical appeal.

Simply put, these uniforms showcase a much more classic design. The primary feature on the front of each jersey is the player’s number, and both first and last names of the players will be printed on the back. Additionally, the white and black canvas used as a backdrop by the East and West respectively create a far less distracting look, and one that will ultimately be much more appealing to the casual observer, at least at first glance.

But for those who want to take a closer look, there’s plenty of detail included, as well.

Most of that can be seen in the nod to the five boroughs of New York, which is featured in the design of the five stars that go down the sides of the shorts.

  • Queens: a pattern inspired by the stainless steel orbit rings of the borough’s iconic Unisphere that was built for the 1964 World’s Fair at Flushing Meadows – Corona Park
  • Staten Island: a wave pattern to signify its surrounding waters
  • Manhattan: a taxi-cab checkered pattern represents the pace and energy of the world’s most cosmopolitan city
  • The Bronx: a vinyl record pattern to pay homage to the birthplace of hip-hop and the rich musical legacy of New York City
  • Brooklyn: a brick pattern inspired by the iconic brownstone houses and buildings that make up the neighborhoods of the city’s most populous borough

The star logo on the front of the jersey is divided into five sections, with each one similarly correlating to a specific part of the city.

These are the best All-Star jerseys and overall uniform combinations that we’ve seen in quite some time. Check out the gallery below for a full look at the details.