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Andre Iguodala on Stephen Curry: ‘I’m doing whatever it takes to protect his legacy’

Stephen Curry’s legacy is safe. He will be remembered as the greatest shooter the game has ever seen, a three-time NBA champion (and counting), a two-time MVP, and the player of a generation — look at how many 12-and-under youth in your city have Curry jerseys and gear.

Of course, in our hot take world, someone is always saying something.

Fortunately, Andre Iguodala has Curry’s back, and that’s why he’s still playing. That’s what the man said after it was Iguodala who sunk the dagger in the Raptors in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

That was partially tongue-in-cheek by Iguodala, that’s not his only motivation for playing still. Not even his primary motivation.

But Curry is Iguodala’s guy, there is a real bond there, and Curry’s legacy is also the legacy of the Warriors from this era. Something that Iguodala is a considerable part of.