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Fan runs onto court during Cavaliers-Rockets, gets swarmed by security (VIDEO)

It’s not a good idea to run out onto the court during an NBA game. It’s annoying, potentially dangerous to players, and people will straight up boo you. Also, it’s not great move for your legal record.

The guy who ran onto the court during the Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets matchup on Sunday found that out shortly before he went into the fetal position and was swarmed by security.

Halfway through the second quarter of the game, a fan was able to make it onto the court and run through players before eventually circling and giving himself up to arena security.

It appeared as though he was trying to get some kind of message out by stripping layers of shirts off, but he never really got around to it.

Don’t run on the floor, kids. It’s dumb and nobody cares. The only thing that can come of it is people like me having to write about you being dumb.