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Injured Chris Paul excited about Saints’ Super Bowl Victory

In a lot of ways, it’s been a rough season for Chris Paul. The Hornets have struggled; at the moment, they are 11th in the Western Conference, meaning they would miss the playoffs if they started today. After a fantastic start, Paul has been hit with injuries. He missed eight games with a sprained ankle earlier in the season, and is currently sidelined due to surgery on his left knee.

However, Paul is a loyal citizen of New Orleans. Like everyone else down there, Paul got swept up in the Saints’ Super Bowl run. Last night, CP3’s twitter account was all about his beloved Saints. Here’s a recounting of Paul’s Saints-related tweets:

#1: “Mornin evrybody...headed to church here in and gold day at church lol...”

#2: “GAMETIME!!! Have I told yall how mad I am dat this sudden injury kept me from the SUPERBOWL...talked to @reggie_bush earlier n he was ready!”

#3: “SAINTS...tell me why my mama is in here dancin to “STAND UP AND GET CRUNK””

#4: “GAME BLOUSERS!!! (Dave Chapelle voice)”

#5: “Words can’t express how happy I am for the city of NEW ORLEANS rite kno those guys and how hard they’ve worked...VERY DESERVING!!!”

#6: “Out here on Canal wit all WHO DAT NATION!!!"

After the Saints won, CP3 was out celebrating, just like every other Saints fan. It’s great to see a superstar with such a connection to the city he plays in. Even more than that, it’s great to see that sports can be as important to big-time athletes who play them for a living as they are to fans.

The next morning, reality set in for Paul, as his twitter account shows:

“Jus finished 1st session of rehab,,,watchin “The Hurt Locker” now wit the fam...woke up n still crazy that SAINTS r the SuperBowl Champs...”

Paul still has a long rehab ahead of him. After he does that, he has to try and win games with a subpar supporting cast. As Paul’s long season continues, he’ll keep the memories of being another ecstatic fan with him. It’s a shame the Hornets are in such dire financial straits, because it’s obvious just how badly Paul wants to bring a championship of his own to New Orleans.