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J.R. Smith understands the lost art of irony

Thanks to Internet snark (guilty, as charged), irony is dead. Or at least on life support in an Alanis Morissette world.

But J.R. Smith gets it, the Denver sixth man is a master of irony. What else are we to take away from this post-game tweet by him yesterday?

You play selfish you lose selfish that’s all I’m saying about the game!

He’s not wrong, selfish play is not helping the Nuggets out (not as big a problem as their defense right now, but it is a problem).

But when J.R. Smith is calling you out for being selfish, you have a problem.

Even against the Jazz Sunday he was 3 of 11 with some questionable decisions as he kept shooting. And this is not getting into his history, where he has been regarded as one of the more selfish players in the league.

Irony. It’s not dead in America. You just have to know where to look.