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Kobe Bryant, caught midair, throws ball off Omer Asik’s back and scores (video)

Kobe Bryant, Nate Wolters

Kobe Bryant, Nate Wolters


If this the end of the line for Kobe Bryant, a 36-year-old who tore his rotator cuff, he went out out in a game where he truly displayed his craft.

Not only did Kobe shoot left-handed after injuring his shoulder (er, injuring it further), he made a subtly awesome play earlier in the game.

Kobe drove and got caught midair with nowhere to go. He threw the ball off Omer Asik’s back to avoid travelling, collected it and scored.

I think Kobe did this on purpose. He was way to quick to grab the loose ball and shoot for him not to have seen what was coming.

If you want to say Kobe was legitimately trying to pass to Ed Davis, I’ll just stick my fingers in my ears. You won’t screw up this cool play for me.

(hat tip: reddit)