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NBA: Magic went ahead of Nets after getting away with foul

Jimmy Butler getting away with fouling Paul George was the biggest missed call Wednesday, but it wasn’t the only important one.

The Magic also used a key missed call to beat the Nets.

Victor Oladipo should’ve been called for fouling Jarrett Jack with 1:08 left, according to the Last Two Minute Report:

Oladipo (ORL) hooks Jack (BKN) affecting his FOM

FOM means freedom of movement.

The Magic were in the penalty. So, a correct call would’ve given Jack, who’s shooting 89% from the line this season, two free throws.

Instead, Orlando forward Aaron Gordon forced a jump ball and won it. Tobias Harris made the go-ahead layup on the other end, and Jack missed his attempt to re-take the lead. The Magic then added six free throws after intentional fouls and won 100-93.

Like so many of these plays, we don’t know how the game would’ve played out if the call had been made correctly, and the final score doesn’t also accurately reflect how close the game was. So, there’s no certainty.

But the Nets probably would’ve won if that call were made correctly.