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Report: Warriors wanted to face Rockets in playoffs to shut them up

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr explains how the evolution of the NBA has allowed for a player like James Harden to be so effective.

The Rockets have spent the last year thinking about the Warriors.

Golden State insists it doesn’t care about its opponent.

But did the Warriors actually prefer a matchup with Houston, their foe in the Western Conference finals?

Chris Haynes on ESPN:

I know how they feel. They want them just for the simple fact so they can just shut them up. That’s it. That’s it. So, it’s not a concern.

I will say this. A couple months ago, when Rockets beat Golden State last game of the regular season when these two teams faced off, I told – I went to Draymond. I went to KD. I said, “Look man, Rockets may be able to give you all some problems.” And they basically cussed me out right there on the spot. Like, “Don’t believe in that regular-season hype.” So, they’re ready for this matchup.

The Warriors claiming not care about their opponent is a great brag. They’re just too good even to notice lesser squads like the Rockets or whomever.

But we also know enough about Golden State to know this isn’t true. The Warriors motivate themselves with slights, real and imagined. And that includes gearing up for certain opponents.

It’s no surprise one would be the “obsessed” Rockets, who are just arrogant and scrappy enough to bait Golden State.

Now, the Warriors must actually prove they’re a level above Houston.