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Was Stuckey simply dehydrated?

Rodney Stuckey is undergoing a joy most of us won’t get until we’re in our 60s if we’re lucky -- a whole couple days of being poked and prodded by doctors trying to figure out why we don’t feel well.

They didn’t find anything in Cleveland with many of these same tests, but what’s the harm in doing them again? Well, I mean good luck doing that with your health insurance, but in an ideal world what would be the harm?

However, apparently some Pistons executives think it is simpler than that, according to the Detroit Free Press.

There is speculation among Pistons officials that Stuckey might have been dehydrated because he had been affected by a dehydration episode earlier this season.

You can get seizures and pass out from dehydration, although to get there you usually have to go through a host of other symptoms first including extreme fatigue, chills, headaches and maybe nausea. You would have though some of those other things would have gotten in the way before he passed out.

If the Doctors are speculating, I’m not about to start. The Pistons just need to be cautious and make sure everything is right before they bring him back.