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Adrian Peterson says he plans legal action over unauthorized auction of his trophies

When an online auction house said it would sell trophies earned by Adrian Peterson, including his league MVP award, it was assumed by some that Peterson must be hurting financially and desperate to raise some cash. Peterson says nothing could be further from the truth.

In a video posted to social media, Peterson wrote that he never authorized the sale of his trophies, isn’t hurting financially, and will sue to stop the auction if he has to. Peterson says he did plan to sell some memorabilia and allowed the auction house access to a personal collection he had in storage, but never permitted trophies to be sold.

“I want to clarify recent rumors and media reports,” Peterson said. “An estate sale company, without my authorization, included some of my trophies in a sale, despite clear instructions to leave personal items untouched. I did not authorize the sale of any of my trophies, and I will be taking legal action. Trusting this company without supervision was my mistake. We allowed them to go into several of our storage units, with clear instructions. They clearly did something unlawful. I want to emphasize that I am financially stable and would never sell off my hard-earned trophies. If I was going to sell them, I know people that I could sell them to. I wouldn’t go online and sell my personal items randomly, so let that sink in. It’s concerning that the media outlets did not verify this with my publicist or me, because a lot of you guys have my number. But it is what it is, I just wanted to address this and put it in my own words.”

Peterson has reportedly faced some financial difficulties, despite making about $100 million in his NFL career. But he insists he’s a long way from having to sell the most cherished mementos of his playing days.