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Andy Reid: Chiefs had “a pretty good idea” how high they had to trade to draft Mahomes

Mike Florio, Peter King and Chris Simms dissect how the 49ers will approach handling the mobility of Patrick Mahomes.

At the time that the Chiefs traded two first-round picks and a third-round pick to move up to No. 10 overall to select Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL draft, it looked like they were taking a big risk. Now that we know how great a player Mahomes is, the real risk was waiting until No. 10, rather than giving up even more and trading up even higher to get Mahomes.

But Chiefs coach Andy Reid said today that the Chiefs felt quite confident that as long as they got somewhere in the Top 10, they could get Mahomes. Reid said the Chiefs were studying every report about every other team’s plans, and 10th overall was a spot where they thought Mahomes would be there.

“Because of the media attention that gets put on the draft around that time, people talk,” Reid said. “We had a pretty good idea who was interested and who wasn’t. [John] Dorsey was in charge of the draft at that time and he maneuvered up to get him, knowing who was out there and who the threats were.”

The reality is, no team ever knows for sure what every other team thinks, and it only takes one team hiding its intentions for a player to be picked higher than anyone expects. But the Chiefs pulled off a shrewd move, and they deserve credit for landing Mahomes, making a move that a whole lot of teams now wish they had made.