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Baker Mayfield thinks he can turn around the Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield may be the confident leader the Browns need in order to turn around the franchise's history of losing.

We already knew Baker Mayfield was confident.

We may not have known he plans on being a miracle worker.

The Oklahoma quarterback wasn’t shying away from his reputation at the Scouting Combine, even expressing confidence in his abilities if he’s picked first overall.

“If anyone is going to turnaround the Cleveland Browns, it’s going to be me,” Mayfield said, immediately establishing that he didn’t come to Indianapolis to tell people what they wanted to hear.

He defended his approach, saying “I don’t think I’m cocky, just confident.”

“I’m not going to go in [the locker room] and act like I’ve got it all figured out,” he said.

Asked how he’d approach things if he was drafted by a team with an entrenched starter (specifically the Giants), he replied: “First things first, whichever team I go to, I’m not going to settle for a backup job.”

But throughout the interview, there was the confidence he’s expressed throughout his career, sometimes more exuberantly than others. He said his plan when talking to teams was to express himself with “brutal honesty,” and referred to himself as “the most accurate quarterback in this draft, by far.”

And while there have been negative comparisons to Johnny Manziel, he also pointed out that Manziel was also a talented player at one time. It’s not a comparison he particularly likes because of the way things have transpired off the field for his fellow Heisman winner, but Mayfield’s certainly not going to shy away from the expectations.