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Big money may not be there for DeMarco Murray


The Cowboys believe that running back DeMarco Murray’s franchise-record season had more to do with the men doing the blocking than the man carrying. Other teams may be feeling the same way.

Through two days of a negotiating-period-gone-bonkers, news has been scarce on Murray. A suggestion that the Jaguars may make a major push for Murray doesn’t mesh with the team’s strategy for spending. The Raiders, who have money to burn but fewer and fewer folks on which to burn it, could decide to go all in on Murray, but there’s been no word of it yet.

Then there’s the lingering perception that Murray ultimately will take his best offer back to Dallas, and that they’ll match it or come close to it.

Add it all up, and it could be that Murray won’t be getting $8 million or more per year, from the Cowboys or anyone else.

Unless the Raiders can’t ultimately find someone else on which to splurge.