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Brandon Beane: Bills want to avoid going all-in for one year and then having a tear down

Mike Florio and Chris Simms analyze the Bills’ move to trade up for Dalton Kincaid, after four WRs were selected in a row, and examine how Buffalo will look to utilize the TE.

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane says he’s building for sustained success in Buffalo, and not a team with a one-year peak followed by a deep valley.

Beane told Jim Rome that tactics like trading future draft picks or pushing significant cap space to future years come with a price, and the Bills don’t want to pay that price.

“There are some moves that we could do that would say we’re all in for this year and then have a tear down,” Beane said, via the Buffalo News. “We’ve been diligent with the cap to try to avoid that type of situation. It’s not easy, especially when you have a top 10 quarterback, great receiver, Tre White, Von [Miller] and some of these guys. Ultimately, we think we’ve got a plan to continue to go for it year after year and hopefully we can find a way to pull that title home for Buffalo sooner rather than later.”

The Rams, who won the Super Bowl after the 2021 season but collapsed in 2022, are an obvious example of a team that went all-in and then started tearing it down. The Chiefs, who won the Super Bowl this year, are an example of a team built for sustained success. Beane clearly would rather follow the Chiefs’ model.