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Braylon apparently will try the antibiotics defense

Earlier this week, we heard vague references to the possibility that the 0.16 percent blood alcohol concentration measured in the breath of Jets receiver Braylon Edwards may not have been accurate. (We were assuming that he’d blame it on beard interference with the breath-testing apparatus.)

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Edwards apparently plans to float the notion that he was taking antibiotics, and that the antibiotics may have affected the BAC reading.

Schefter says it’s possible that the antibiotics skewed the test result. But Edwards will need something stronger than a spitballed possibility in order to create reasonable doubt as to the validity of the 0.16 percent reading that he generated. Our initial research indicates that a certain type of antibiotic (erthtromycin) can increase alcohol absorption, and thus increase BAC levels, by accelerating gastric emptying. This would result in the patient becoming drunker based on consuming a smaller amount of alcohol.

But we’ve seen nothing to suggest that antibiotics will make the number incorrect.

Besides, why in the hell is the guy drinking at all if he’s taking antibiotics?