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Bryce Young says he will use “anticipation” to make up for lack of height

Mike Florio is joined by Bryce Young to discuss where his emotions are at ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft, how he manages to overcome challenges with his height, how much he'd like to choose where he goes and more.

During a recent interview with former Alabama quarterback Bryce Young, the perfunctory height question needed to be asked. In asking it, a different approach was attempted.

We all know that Young is on the south side of six feet. That’s not going to change, barring a growth spurt. So Young was asked how he’ll navigate the realities of having large offensive lineman and large defensive linemen in front of him.

“I think it’s a lot about anticipation, knowing where your guys are going be, and then knowing where the defense [will be],” Young said.

He added that much of it also comes from diagnosing and understanding the coverages, and then “trying to find throwing lane and seeing in between and again, even when you can’t see, it’s knowing where people are going to be at based off of understanding the concept, understanding the defense you’re getting, and knowing what you have to account for and who you have to account for based off where you’re trying to throw.”

As he explained, it’s about processing information, “whether it’s a clean pocket or there’s a bunch of people getting pushed back into my face.”

Other short quarterbacks have pulled it off. And it is about understanding where people will be, and about looking for lanes through which to see.

Obviously, the Panthers have decided it won’t be an issue. Unless the betting markets have engaged in the worst amount of anticipation that they have in years.