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Chargers admit mistake, ditch initial L.A. logo


Not long after the Chargers announced their move to Los Angeles, they unveiled a new logo. It didn’t go well.

To their credit, the Chargers heard the criticism, they agreed with it, and they have taken action. The much-criticized L.A. logo, which appeared to be based on the Dodgers’ logo, is gone.

“The logo that was revealed on Thursday was meant to help launch our brand into the market and supplement -- not replace -- our official team marks,” Chargers president of business operations A.G. Spanos said in a statement provided to PFT. “Clearly, we miscalculated how the logo would be received, and we’ve taken it out of the rotation.”

A.G. Spanos emphasized that this is the identity of the team. “If we make a mistake, we own it, learn from it, and move on without looking back,” he said.

Spanos said that the team may “take another shot” at an L.A. logo “down the road,” and that the franchise is considering ways to involve the community’s voice in the process.

“If the ultimate outcome of this episode is something really special that L.A. fans help create and truly love, that’s a win,” Spanos said.

Plenty of other businesses would have doubled down in the face of the criticism, stubbornly adhering to an approach that had already become a punch line by refusing to look beyond an echo chamber that regards any opinion different from theirs as wrong. The Chargers have, during a hectic and challenging week, found a way to engage in an objective assessment of a bad decision and to reverse it.