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Competition Committee is proposing no net change to what is and isn’t reviewable

The NFL may replace the list of reviewable plays with a list of plays that cannot be reviewed, but Mike Florio says no actual change to the rules is coming.

After a week in which reports regarding potential changes to replay rules have ping-ponged, PFT has obtained the final answer as to what the Competition Committee will be proposing to NFL ownership.

Ultimately, the universe of reviewable plays isn’t changing.

A spokesperson for Falcons CEO Rich McKay tells PFT that, although the list of reviewable plays will be replaced with a list of non-reviewable plays, the net result will be no increase in reviewable plays.

In other words, the replay process won’t be changing.

That’s a far cry from the impression created by the USA Today article characterizing comments from McKay regarding changes to the replay process. And it suggests that the proposed changes are less about substance and more about form.

Of course, the owners are free to override the proposal of the Competition Committee and implement their own rule change. Hopefully, they’ll consider a more meaningful embrace of technology and a greater commitment to get as many calls right as possible.