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Dan Campbell thinks defenses will solve the quarterback push play

Sean McVay believes there is a place in football for pushing the ball carrier, but Mike Florio and Chris Simms lay out the argument why it’s a safety concern that should be addressed proactively.

The NFL has opted for now not to remove from the rulebook the ability to shove the quarterback from behind. Lions coach Dan Campbell believes the league eventually won’t have to.

Via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Campbell thinks defenses will adapt -- and that they eventually will shut down the strategy.

“That’s like my goal is that we come back here next year and it’ll be like, ‘All right, we can’t do that anymore,’” Campbell said. “So, listen, you’ve got something good, then defensively, you’ve got to find a way to stop it. So this’ll be fun.”

It happened a decade ago, when defenses made stopping the seemingly unstoppable read-option a priority. And it worked.

For the push play, the effort to neutralize it could be a problem, because it could get someone injured. Specifically, the defense could start taking free (but clean) shots at the quarterback. With only one injury, that could be enough to get teams to pull the plug on pushing the most important player on the team.

Of course, that’s when the league also might eliminate the rule. Wouldn’t it be better if the NFL were proactive and not reactive on this? On anything?

It’s not hard to see where this is going. Someone needs to take leadership and intervene before it gets there, not after.