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David Irving says he’s done with the NFL

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 08: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers is sacked by David Irving #95 of the Dallas Cowboys in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium on October 8, 2017 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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It would appear unlikely that suspended defensive lineman David Irving will ever seek reinstatement from the NFL.

In a lengthy instagram live video on Thursday night, Irving said he’s done with the NFL.

“Basically guys, I quit,” Irving said."They want to talk about a suspension and all this other nonsense. I’m out of there. I’m not doing this s--- no more.”

Irving listed several reasons as to why he is done with the NFL. He strongly disagrees with the league’s stance on marijuana use and the pushing of stronger, more addictive, drugs to try to treat the injuries and general wear and tear of football.

“There’s a lot of s--- f----- up with the NFL, man,” Irving continued. “As you all know I voiced my opinion about this medicine right here (while holding up a blunt that he began smoking soon after). We’ve got this opioid thing going on and I’m prescribed all that bulls---. i just think it’s bulls--- that we’ve got to deal with that policy. Everyone thinks it’s about smoking weed. It’s not about smoking weed. It’s much bigger than that.”

Irving was suspended indefinitely by the NFL last Friday for repeated violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy. He espoused his thoughts on weed and his belief that it is effective medicine and should be viewed accordingly and not with the negative stigmas played upon it.

Irving made it clear that he still loves football, but the NFL is a different story.

“I’m not putting up with this s--- for no reason,” Irving said. “The s--- they did with (Colin Kaepernick). The s--- they’re doing with my dog Randy (Gregory). It’s one thing if everything wasn’t bad but it’s not.

“Everyone questions my commitment to football. Let’s get it straight here and now. I love football. Football shaped me. I wouldn’t be here without it. Don’t get me wrong, I love football. However, I don’t love the NFL. The NFL is not football and you’ve got to understand that. What you all see us do, the game and s---, that’s like 20 percent of all the real s--- that goes on.

“I’m all right. This is my choice. I’m living with it. I’m not about to be forced into doing something. I’m not playing for free. ... I don’t think I’m a bad guy for choosing this route. I stand up for what I believe in. It is bulls---. I’ll Kaepernick myself before they Kaepernick my ass. Things are going to be all right.”

Irving appeared in 37 games for the Dallas Cowboys over the last four seasons, recording 12.5 sacks and 56 total tackles with five forced fumbles. He was suspended four games for performance-enhancing drugs in 2017 and four games for substance-abuse in 2018 before being indefinitely suspended last week.