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DeMeco Ryans: Bryce Young’s size isn’t an issue

Bryce Young declined to weigh in at Pro Day after weighing 204 pounds at the Scouting Combine, which leads Mike Florio and Peter King to examine how that could be just as much of an issue as his height.

The Panthers jumped the Texans in the draft order, moving up to No. 1 overall and the right to choose among the quarterbacks. That leaves the Texans with the second choice of the quarterbacks.

That figures to be either Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud or Alabama’s Bryce Young.

Young measured 5 foot 10 1/8 at the combine and declined to measure again at Alabama’s Pro Day, with his size leaving a big question.

Texans coach DeMeco Ryans, though, doesn’t see that as an issue.

“I know there’s a lot of talk about his size, but the guy’s done it at the highest level of college football, and size doesn’t seem to be a problem,” Ryans said, via John McClain of Gallery Sports. “I don’t see it as an issue because I watch the tape. You put on the tape, and you see how smart he is – the anticipation, the accuracy, how this guy’s calm in critical moments. When you see those things, size isn’t one of the factors you look at and say, ‘Oh, man, it’s a problem.’ You just look at the track record and see what he’s done in the SEC and how successful he was, and I think he’ll be successful in the NFL as well.”

Young, who weighed 204 pounds at the combine, will become one of the shortest and lightest quarterbacks ever drafted in the first round. But he missed only one game in his two years as a starter, sitting out a game against Texas A&M in 2022 with a sprained throwing shoulder.

Ryans listed leadership style as the most important attribute he looks for in a quarterback prospect.

“Can those other 10 guys look at you in the huddle and know that, ‘We can count on this guy to make a play? We believe in him?’” Ryans said. “And then you have to look at [your] defensive guys, and can they count on him? Is that quarterback the guy that can galvanize a locker room, rally the troops and get guys to believe in him? That’s the trait, and it’s easier said than done because so few guys can do that. They’re special guys.”