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Don’t rule out a Randy Moss return


We gave Randy Moss a round of applause last night, in light of his decision to retire from the NFL. But since the move has all the earmarks of a kid who decided to take his bat and ball and pretend to go home, we’re not ready to conclude that this is going to stick.

Sure, he may be adamant about his decision for now, given that he’s miffed that he didn’t get the kind of offer he thought he’d receive. And he probably genuinely believes he won’t come back. But what happens if a contending team with a high-end quarterback loses a No. 1 wideout?

Whether it’s the Patriots, Colts, Saints, or Eagles, we think an in-season phone call and a fair (in Randy’s view) offer would bring him to town.

We also think it makes sense to keep an eye on any objectively solid teams with strong-armed quarterbacks. Jay Cutler, for example, has been compared to Jeff George, both in good ways and in bad. But George and Moss were a great combination 12 years ago in Minnesota, given that George could fire it and Moss could go get it.

Thus, like Brett Favre, we won’t believe Moss is done until at least two seasons go by without Moss playing.