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Dungy says timing of Shane Ray’s incident is the biggest concern

Tuesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio included a visit from Tony Dungy of NBC’s Football Night in America, who addressed among other things the question of whether Monday’s citation for marijuana possession would result in Missouri defensive end Shane Ray being removed from Dungy’s draft board.

“It probably would for me because of when it happened, not the fact that someone smokes marijuana or is caught with marijuana,” Dungy said. “But when you’re leading up to the biggest moment of your life so far, you can’t have those kinds of things happen. You just can’t.”

Dungy made a great point by comparing the blunder three days before the draft to mistakes that could happen prior to other significant events in the player’s life.

“That would concern me that, hey, maybe we’re a couple of days before a Super Bowl, and what’s going to happen? It would be bothersome just the fact that it happened this close to the draft.”

Of course, 31 teams can feel that way. It only takes one to disagree strongly for Ray to remain one of the top players taken.