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Dunn claims Pats didn’t want Welker


Once the 2013 season begins, one of the biggest story lines will flow from the incessant comparisons of the performance of former Patriots receiver Wes Welker in Denver to former Rams receiver Danny Amendola in New England. Regardless of any other variables, the raw data -- catches, yards, touchdowns -- will in the minds of many shape the perception as to which guy is “better.”

Until then, the battle of perceptions will relate to the question of whether Welker quit the Patriots, or whether he was fired.

His agent, David Dunn, tells Tom Curran of CSN New England that Dunn believes the Patriots didn’t want Welker, and that the team chose Amendola over the man who has been catching plenty of passes from Tom Brady (and, for one year, Matt Cassel) over the last six seasons.

Curran recently reported that the Pats had a deal in place with Amendola on Tuesday, before Welker opted to sign with the Broncos. But the Patriots presumably reeled in Amendola only after realizing that Welker wanted more moolah than his age, skill level, and position justified.

So if the Pats opted to move on, it’s because Welker wanted too much. Of course, Welker’s camp can now claim that the offers extended to the player proved that the Pats didn’t want him.

At this point, none of it matters. The Patriots signed Amendola -- and the question becomes whether Amendola can do something close to what Welker did.

In the end, the real question is whether the Patriots will be able to do something they didn’t do during Welker’s time with the team: Win the Super Bowl.