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Friday night’s profane chant is just a glimpse of what Deshaun Watson will hear during road games

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss Deshaun Watson's interactions with fans at Cleveland Browns training camp and how he should've handled things in the public sphere.

The Browns opened the preseason with their only road game of August 2022. And the fans in Jacksonville let quarterback Deshaun Watson hear it.

The three-word chant included a four-letter word, and the video went viral, with 3.3 million views so far. And if that’s the product of a preseason game in Jacksonville, what happens during the regular season in, say, Pittsburgh?

If his suspension remains at six games (it most likely won’t), Watson will make his debut in Baltimore. In Week 11 (game No. 10), it’s Buffalo. Week 14, at Cincinnati. Week 18 . . . at Pittsburgh.

Fans will always do what fans will do. And fans will pounce on anything they can use to rattle or unsettle the players on the other team. With Watson, the fruit is as ripe and low-hanging as it can be.

Regardless of when he returns to action, he’ll be hearing it whenever he plays on the road. And there’s no statute of limitation on fans behaving like fans. Right or wrong (and in many situations it’s wrong), that’s what some of them will do, and Watson will have to be ready for it.