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If overtime rule changes, will team that wins the toss choose to kick off?

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid talks about what he's looking for at the NFL Scouting Combine, how he hopes to get Kansas City back on track after last season and more.

The current overtime rules create a clear incentive for the team that wins the toss to receive the opening kickoff. If the rule changes (presumably, for the postseason only), will that thinking adjust?

Peter King and I kicked around the possibility during Tuesday’s PFT Live. It makes plenty of sense. If a possession is guaranteed for each team, why not force the other team to take its possession first? Then, the team that kicked off to start overtime will know exactly what it needs to do on its opening drive.

Stop the offense, and a field goal wins the game. If the offense scores a touchdown, the team that kicked off to start overtime knows it needs to get to the end zone, converting the full gridiron into four-down territory.

Other factors include the weather and the wind, and whether the team that wins the toss is the home team or the visitor. Also, whether the game ends up in overtime at 34-34 or 3-3 will be a factor in deciding whether the team that wins the toss should choose to kick or receive.

Regardless, the no-brainer option to receive (unless you’re Marty Mornhinweg) becomes anything but a no-brainer if the rule changes. Indeed, the default choice quickly could become to kick.