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Jenkins’ advisor claims player fired CAA


A report recently emerged from Orlando that mega-firm CAA fired former Florida and North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Now, Jenkins’ self-styled mentor claims that Jenkins fired CAA.

“Janoris is getting bashed because he moved on,” Sandy Cornelio tells Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. “Because of his background, yes. But that doesn’t mean anything here. They didn’t want to fire Janoris. They didn’t fire Janoris. We told them we were moving on.”

Cornelio has conveyed similar sentiments to PFT via an intermediary, and Cornelio has indicated a desire to tell PFT Jenkins’ side of the story. It’s apparently part of a broader effort by Cornelio to speak to multiple members of the media.

“The only reason we decided to move on is because [CAA is] too big,” Cornelio said. “We weren’t getting personal attention, so we decided to move on. That was it. And we told them. We called them professionally and said, ‘Hey we’re moving on. We came to the conclusion that we honestly believe a smaller agency that pays us more attention will be better for us.’ [Ben Dogra] told us that he understood and he would help in any way he could. At the end of the day, we came to the conclusion that the kid drafts himself by his performance.”

Cornelio is right, to a degree. Still, Red flags can cause a player to slide, and parting ways with an agent three weeks before the draft always is a red flag, no matter who initiated the breakup.