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Kromer apparently will claim self-defense, sort of

Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer has been arrested for punching a minor during a dispute over beach chairs and threatening to kill the boy’s family, if the boy told police about the incident. (No, you really can’t make this sh-t up.)

As usual, there’s another side to the story, possibly pushed by the guy who faces the loss of money, employment, and/or liberty.

“A source” (with no more specificity than that) tells Alex Marvez of that the claims made against Kromer “may not be completely accurate.”

“It was dark out. He couldn’t see the people,” the source told Marvez. “The kids were belligerent and threatened him. Bottom line, they stole his property and he couldn’t identify them because it was dark out and they threatened him.”

It’s possible the source was Kromer himself. If so, it’s hard to accept such a self-serving account at face value. Indeed, Kromer is a big guy -- six feet, four inches and 215 pounds, according to the booking report. How “threatened” was he by a group of minors?

It seems like Kromer (or “the source”) is claiming self defense. Actually, it’s more like the “fog of war” privilege, where things were happening and it was vague and it was dark and Kromer just happened to see well enough to punch someone.

The explanation from Kromer/the source/whoever also doesn’t address the troubling claim that Kromer threatened to kill the boy’s family if he told police. Which sounds a lot like what someone would say if/when that someone knows he’s suddenly facing the loss money, employment, and/or liberty.

It’s unclear how this will play out. The quote from the source to Marvez, however, hardly will operate as a silver bullet to prevent any and all charges.