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League, team employees have been fired for gambling violations

Mike Florio and Peter King analyze how the injury-prone nature of the RB position could give teams reason to hesitate drafting a star like Bijan Robinson early in the first round.

On Friday, the NFL suspended five players for violating the gambling policy. In response, we asked whether the league is proactively investigating violations of the policy, or whether it’s simply waiting for violations to fall into its lap -- thanks in large part to information provided by sports book partners that prove violations.

While it’s unclear how much the NFL is rolling up sleeves and turning over rocks in an effort to detect violations and to enforce the policy, the league definitely has taken action in other situations.

Per a league source with knowledge of he situation, team and league employees have been fired for violation the gambling policy. As the source put it, more non-players and non-coaches have been significantly disciplined than players and coaches.

It happens quietly and discreetly, for various reasons. When players and coaches are suspended or fired, it becomes obvious that something has happened when they’re not present for games. For non-players and non-coaches, it’s easier for the person to disappear. Also, privacy interests come into play, for the employee. Finally, why would the league want to publicize violations of the gambling policy when it doesn’t have to?

The question remains as to whether these non-player, non-coach terminations flow from evidence that falls into the league’s lap, or whether the league is proactively investigating potential violations. Given the possible consequences of a full-blown gambling scandal, it would be wise for the league to be a diligent as possible.