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McAfee makes 4/20 reference Wednesday, gets drug-testing notice Thursday


This year’s official 4/20 holiday landed on Wednesday. It also marked, intentionally or not, the opening of the league’s annual testing window under the substance-abuse policy.

On Wednesday, Colts punter Pat McAfee made a couple of 4/20 references on Twitter. On Thursday, he received a drug-testing notice.

The notice, posted by McAfee on Twitter, uses the term “doping,” which implies that the test was administered not under the substance-abuse policy but under the PED policy. (McAfee says that, indeed, it was a PED test.)

Some players who receive a notice containing the same language may assume that it’s their annual, unannounced substance-abuse policy test -- and not a random PED test, which can happen at any time, before, on, or after 4/20. Which could result in some players deciding that they are clear to resume smoking marijuana until 2017, when in fact they aren’t.

When the NFL conducts PED testing, it doesn’t test the sample for marijuana or other streets drugs. Likewise, a test under the substance-abuse policy does not screen for PEDs.

In October 2013, McAfee received an identical notice after applying a big hit to former Broncos kick returner Trindon Holliday.

The message to all players? If you get a notice of a drug test on or after 4/20, don’t assume you are now clear to blaze up or wake and bake or hang brain. (Wait, that last one isn’t a euphemism for smoking pot. But it definitely could happen immediately happen after giving a urine sample, accidentally.)