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NFL inches toward making schedule release a full-week event

Mike Florio and Chris Simms react to the news the Broncos and Rams will play on Christmas Day and analyze the NFL’s move to add games on Christmas, something the NBA is known for.

The NFL has been sharing slivers of the 2022 schedule, with the full slate of 272 regular-season games coming on Thursday night. It’s a step toward what could be, and perhaps should be, a bigger play by the NFL.

Why release the full schedule on a Thursday night when it can be turned into a full-week event?

Here’s a simple proposal. Reveal the first four weeks of the season on a Monday, the next four on a Tuesday, the next four on a Wednesday, and the final six on Thursday.

That would definitely piss off the proprietors of basketball, baseball, and hockey, since it would allow news that otherwise dominates one day to commandeer a full week.

But it makes sense for the league to consider it. Currently, having most of the season announced in one fell swoop becomes information overload.

In lieu of breaking the schedule into four distinct parts, the league could, for example, reveal the Monday night slate on Monday, the Sunday night games on Tuesday, the Thursday games on Wednesday, and the rest of the schedule on Thursday.

However they slice up the pie, they currently hold too much of it until Thursday night. It would make plenty of sense to carve it up into much bigger chunks -- and to take over an entire week.