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NFL is looking into Sauce Gardner’s claim that Mac Jones hit him in the “private parts”

Sunday’s game between New England and New York included an allegation by Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner that Patriots quarterback Mac Jones hit Sauce in the meat.

The NFL will be taking a closer look at the situation on Monday.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the league is looking into the claim by Gardner that Jones flicked him in the family jewels.

“He reached out to me to get me to help him up,” Gardner said of Jones. “I just moved his hand out of the way. He got up and then came up to me like ‘Good job.’ While he was saying that, he hit me in my private parts. I didn’t react like I really wanted to. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. First time for everything I guess. . . . He’s trying to prevent me from having kids in the future.”

The video isn’t conclusive, but something clearly happened as Jones passed by Gardner. Given the various other cameras in the building, there could be a clear angle of whatever transpired.

It’s not the first time Jones has been accused of dirty play. He always has an excuse or an explanation. At some point, there are too many incidents. At some point, the excuses and explanations don’t matter. At some point, it’s fair to declare that Mac Jones is a dirty player.