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NFL won’t say which teams decided to adopt a second helmet for 2022

In June, the NFL decided to allow teams to use alternate helmets starting in 2022. To do so, they had to make their intentions known by July 31.

With July 31 having come and gone, we asked the league if it knows which teams activated the second-helmet prerogative. The league said that it does, but the league also explained that it will not be providing details at this time.

Presumably, the NFL wants to give every team a chance to draw attention to the change at a time when the attention will benefit the team and, in turn, the league. For now, who cares about helmets that won’t be used until September 2022? Camps are open and the 2021 season is looming.

Here’s where I opt for cynicism. If teams announce that a new alternate helmet will be used in 2022, those who may be inclined to buy a full-size or miniature version of the current helmet may become inclined to wait until the new alternate helmet becomes available.

So there are plenty of reasons for the league and the teams to wait for the right time to unveil the alternate helmets. For now, all we know is that there will be at least one team, if not more, to add a second helmet come 2022.