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NFL’s investigation of Aaron Rodgers, Packers focuses on possible fines, not suspensions

Mike Florio and Chris Simms examine what Aaron Rodgers' absence from at least Week 9, if not more, due to COVID means for a Packers team with high postseason aspirations.

The league is investigating whether and to what extent quarterback Aaron Rodgers violated COVID protocols applicable to unvaccinated players -- and whether and to what extent the Packers failed to discipline Rodgers for his transgressions.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that the investigation would result in potential fines of Rodgers and/or the Packers, but not a suspension of Rodgers.

However it plays out, the league is buzzing regarding the violations that possibly were committed by Rodgers, and that possibly weren’t punished by the Packers. The next question is whether the NFL will take action after, frankly, being asleep at the switch while Rodgers, whom the league knew wasn’t vaccinated, repeatedly showed up for indoor press conferences at the facility without wearing a mask. He possibly committed other violations that only the team or the league would know about.

Then there’s the Halloween party that Rodgers attended maskless, another violation of the protocol for unvaccinated players.

If the league is serious about the COVID protocols, it follows that the league would be ensuring that the protocols are properly enforced. If the league hasn’t been doing that, it’s fair to conclude that the league isn’t really serious about COVID protocols, that it’s just words on paper aimed at creating the impression that 345 Park Avenue really cares, when in reality it really doesn’t.