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Packers closing in on lottery deal

The Green Bay Packers apparently are poised to take advantage of one of the newest “oh crap, the car manufacturers don’t have any money what are we gonna do?” NFL sponsorship revenue streams.

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, CEO Mark Murphy told shareholders on Thursday that a deal is close with the Wisconsin State Lottery.

Multiple teams have reached agreement with state-run gambling operations for the creation of scratch-and-lose promotions that, for the small percentage who scratch-and-don’t-lose, entail merchandise and access.

Lotteries, while technically games of chance, routinely are regarded as a tax on the poor, who somehow can manage to put $5 of gas in that 1986 Fiero while buying $20 worth of tickets.

(And a carton of smokes.)

These deals are being done at a time that the NFL has sued Delaware for passing a sports wagering law that the league fears will threaten its integrity.

Apparently, the league’s dignity falls a rung or two lower on the priority ladder.