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PFT’s final regular-season 2020 NFL power rankings

The potential of Justin Herbert makes the Los Angeles Chargers' vacancy the best opening in the NFL, and Chris Simms explains why Brian Daboll is the ideal fit for L.A.

1. Bills (last week No. 1; 13-3): The Dolphins desperately needed to win, and the Bills still hung 56 points on them.

2. Chiefs (No. 2; 14-2): The Ravens could be coming to town in an effort to disrupt an AFC Championship date with the Bills.

3. Packers (No. 3; 13-3): The road to Tampa goes through the Frozen Tundra, which means the Packers will be the favorite to get to Tampa.

4. Saints (No. 4; 12-4): They’re possibly a Tampa Bay upset over the Packers away from hosting their division rivals in the NFC Championship.

5. Buccaneers (No. 5; 11-5): They let the expectations get out of control in September and October. The expectations are not out of control now; they could be the NFC team best equipped to win the Super Bowl.

6. Seahawks (No. 6; 12-4): They get a postseason home game, but not an ideal matchup with the Rams coming to town.

7. Ravens (No. 7; 11-5): After playing five straight playoff-style games to end the season, the narrative that they can’t win playoff games should be dead.

8. Steelers (No. 8; 12-4): Will one good half of football in a month translate to a playoff win?

9. Browns (No. 10; 11-5): They’ve come a long way since their blowout loss to the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

10. Titans (No. 11; 11-5): They need more from their defense to duplicate last year’s playoff success.

11. Colts (No. 12; 11-5): The Bills beat the Dolphins to let the Colts in the playoffs. Now, the Colts can show their appreciation by trying to knock the Bills out.

12. Dolphins (No. 9; 10-6): Not that it would have made a difference, but this outcome was sealed the moment Ryan Fitzpatrick tested positive.

13. Rams (No. 15; 10-6): John Wolford may be going from the AAF to the round of eight.

14. Bears (No. 14; 8-8): Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy likely will be back. Whether Mitchell Trubisky joins them may hinge on what happens on Sunday in New Orleans.

15. Cardinals (No. 13; 8-8): The Hail Murray was the high water mark. Then, the dam broke.

16. Patriots (No. 17; 7-9): Bill Belichick’s routine will wear thin (thinner) after a couple of years of mediocrity.

17. Washington (No. 19; 7-9): Washington’s defense is good enough to compete with Tampa. The rest of the roster is not.

18. Vikings (No. 18; 7-9): Another year, another new offensive coordinator.

19. Cowboys (No. 16; 6-10): At least they had plenty of fans in attendance to watch their disappointing performances at home.

20. Falcons (No. 20; 4-12): This team may not fully recover from 28-3 until the franchise is sold.

21. Raiders (No. 21; 8-8): What happened in Vegas should have stayed in Oakland.

22. Chargers (No. 22; 7-9): Hire the right coach, and the Chargers become the dominant team in L.A.

23. 49ers (No. 23; 7-9): Jimmy GQ needs to be Jimmy GO.

24. Giants (No. 27; 6-10): Joe Judge should worry less about one Eagles loss and more about 10 of his own.

25. Bengals (No. 24; 4-11-1): Will Joe Burrow be the next Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson? For now, it’s far closer to Watson.

26. Panthers (No. 26; 5-11): It’s really starting to feel like Teddy Bridgewater won’t be the quarterback next year.

27. Texans (No. 28; 4-12): The Texans have one year, maybe two, to start turning this around before Deshaun Watson starts wondering is the grass is less brown elsewhere.

28. Broncos (No. 29; 5-11): The man known for an on-field helicopter has now mastered the upward pratfall.

29. Eagles (No. 25; 4-11-1): The decision to lay down in Week 17 made sense; the way it was handled did not.

30. Lions (No. 30; 5-11): Bobby Layne’s curse is a lot stronger than originally believed.

31. Jets (No. 31; 2-14): Keep Sam Darnold? Use the No. 2 pick on a quarterback? Jets fans are assuming that, whatever they do, it will be the wrong decision.

32. Jaguars (No. 32; 1-15): The Jaguars tanked the old fashioned way -- quietly and slowly and in games no one was paying attention to.